Google August Update about FAQ and How-To Schema ? Google will Give Less Importance except government and health websites.

In August 2023, Google made significant updates to its FAQ and How-To Schema, providing website owners and content creators with new opportunities to enhance the visibility and relevance of their content in search results. This article aims to explore these latest updates and their implications for online businesses and individuals seeking to improve their online presence.

Update on August 8, 2023: FAQ rich results are only shown in the Search results for a limited number of well-known, authoritative government and health websites. For more information, check out our blog post on Changes to How-To and FAQ rich results. Does your site allow users to submit answers to a single question?

Google recently changed how FAQ results appear, limiting them to appearing for “well-known, authoritative government and health websites”.

Understanding Google FAQ Schema

FAQ Schema is a structured data markup that can be added to webpages to provide Google with specific information about frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. This markup helps Google understand the content better and display relevant FAQ snippets directly within search results.

Previously, FAQ Schema utilized the “Question” and “Answer” properties to provide information about each question-answer pair. However, with the latest updates, Google has introduced additional properties, allowing for a more comprehensive and informative FAQ experience for users.

What’s New in Google FAQ Schema?

“Question” Property Enhancements

Google has expanded the capabilities of the “Question” property within the FAQ Schema by introducing the “SuggestedQuestion” property. This new property enables content creators to suggest alternative phrasings for a specific question, increasing the chances of their FAQ snippet appearing for a broader range of search queries.

For example, if a website has an FAQ page about “How to create a website,” the “SuggestedQuestion” property can include variations such as “Steps to build a website” or “Creating a website from scratch.”

“Answer” Property Enhancements

Similar to the “Question” property, Google has introduced the “SuggestedAnswer” property within the FAQ Schema. This enhancement allows content creators to offer alternative answers to a particular question, catering to various user needs.

By providing multiple suggested answers, website owners can better address different perspectives, offer more comprehensive information, and increase the chances of their FAQ snippet being ranked higher in search results.

“Main Entity O fPage” Property Integration

The addition of the “MainEntityOfPage” property within the FAQ Schema encourages website owners to specify the primary page to which the FAQs pertain. This property clarifies the relationship between the FAQ content and the corresponding webpage, allowing Google to display the FAQ snippet more accurately.

“Accepted Answer” Property Deprecation

Google has deprecated the “AcceptedAnswer” property within the FAQ Schema. Website owners should no longer use this property, as it is no longer recognized or supported by Google. Instead, focus on utilizing the newly introduced “SuggestedAnswer” property for providing comprehensive information.

Exploring Google How-To Schema Updates

The How-To Schema is another structured data markup designed to provide step-by-step instructions for various procedures, tasks, or activities. It helps Google understand the hierarchical structure of instructions and present them as rich results, making it easier for users to follow along.

In August 2023, Google introduced updates to the How-To Schema, enhancing its functionality and allowing content creators to provide more detailed instructions within search results.