Top 20 Ping Submission Sites of October 2023 : How Ping Submission Help in Crawling

Ping submission sites are platforms that can help you notify search engines and other web services about updates to your blog or website. Pinging is a way to inform these services that new content has been published, which can help improve your website’s visibility and indexing. However, keep in mind that excessive pinging can be seen as spammy behavior, so use these services judiciously and avoid overdoing it.

Here are some ping submission sites you can use:

Ping-O-Matic ( This is one of the most popular ping submission sites. It allows you to ping multiple services at once, including search engines like Google, Bing, and various blog directories.

Pingler ( Pingler offers both free and paid services for pinging search engines, blogs, and directories. The free version allows you to ping up to three URLs every 30 minutes.

FeedBurner ( If you have an RSS feed for your blog, you can use FeedBurner to automatically ping search engines when you publish new content.

PingMyBlog ( PingMyBlog is a free service that lets you ping multiple services with a single click. It’s straightforward and easy to use.

BulkPing ( BulkPing allows you to ping multiple URLs at once. You can submit a list of URLs to ping, making it convenient for bloggers with numerous posts.

Pingates ( Pingates provides a simple interface for pinging search engines and blog directories. It’s a straightforward tool to use.

Twingly ( Twingly is a blog search engine that offers a ping service. By pinging Twingly, you can notify them of your blog updates.

Pingoat ( Pingoat allows you to ping multiple services and directories with one submission. It’s a quick and easy way to notify various platforms about your new content.

Auto-ping ( Auto-ping offers a simple pinging service for notifying search engines and directories about your blog updates.

When using these ping submission sites, remember to provide the URL of your blog post or the RSS feed, and select the appropriate services you want to notify. Be cautious not to overuse these services, as excessive pinging can lead to your blog being marked as spam. It’s generally a good practice to use them sparingly and focus on creating high-quality content that naturally attracts search engine attention. Additionally, keep your blog’s sitemap up to date and consider using Google Search Console to monitor your site’s indexing status.

Ping submission can be helpful in getting search engines to crawl and index your new content quickly. When you ping a search engine or web service, you’re essentially notifying them that there’s new content available on your website. This can expedite the crawling process and improve the visibility of your content in search engine results.

Here’s how ping submission helps in crawling:

Faster Indexing: Search engines like Google constantly crawl the web to discover and index new web pages. When you ping them with a notification of your new content, it signals to the search engine that there’s something new to explore. This can lead to faster indexing of your pages.

Improved Visibility: Pinging can help your content appear in search engine results more quickly. This is especially beneficial if you have time-sensitive or breaking news content that you want to get in front of your audience as soon as possible.

RSS Feed Updates: If you have an RSS feed for your blog or website, pinging services can notify aggregators and directories about new content. This can increase the chances of your content being syndicated and seen by a wider audience.

Blog Directories: Some ping submission services notify blog directories and blog search engines about your updates. This can increase the chances of your blog posts being discovered by readers interested in specific topics.


Top 20 Ping Submission Sites of October 2023


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